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Close to Abbeville on the river Somme is the village of Eaucourt with its windmills and castle ruins.

The windmill is called “Moulin Guidon” as it served to “guide” boats into the port of Abbeville in the 17th century.

Moulin a vent Eaucourt, Somme
Moulin a vent Eaucourt

The chateau d’Eaucourt was built by the seigneurs de la Ferté duringhthe reign of Philippe Auguste (1186-1223). Demolished in 1358, it was rebuilt many times and inhabited until 1779 when it was broken down and converted to a farm. An effort to restore parts is currently in progress. Good luck with that.

Chateau d'Eaucourt, Somme
Chateau d’Eaucourt


Here are a few photos following a recent visit to Dublin. The coast is a great spot for photographers as there are opportunities for great shots regardless of the weather.

Blackrock cliff walk
Blackrock cliff walk
Glendalough Cathedral
Dining room
Dublin Castle
Temple Bar

Schönbrunn Palace

This is a stitched high resolution (9966 x 2782 pixels) photo of the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna taken with a Fuji X-T1 and stitched in Lightroom.


Schönbrunn Palace is a former imperial summer residence. The 1,441-room Baroque palace has extensive gardens and is an important architectural monument.

Malmesbury revisited

A few pictures in Malmesbury taken with a Fujifilm X-T1 with 35mm f1.4 lens