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Had a nice day out on Sunday in Rotterdam. Along with some fellow members of Images Photo Club under the guidance of Michiel, we took advantage of the good weather to stroll around the city taking photos of everything and anything. At 14:00 we went to the Nederlands Fotomuseum where we had a guided tour of the Chema Madoz exhibition. It was magic. The photos below are a few that I took….. In no special order.


As a club project with the title “graffiti”, I challenged myself to take some night shots of some near-by street art (sic). These are some of the results. I used exposures of around 10 to 15 seconds whilst my beautiful assistant (aka the wife) shone a 5 euro LED strip-lamp along parts of the wall. I also fired my flash in some shots to highlight the wall furthest from the camera.

Mass shoot

Had a great chance for a fun shoot of lots of different people this weekend. The weather was the best we’ve had all year and my photoclub (Images Internation Photo Club) met at the Westbroekpark in The Hague to simply have an excuse to take shots of everyone and see what could be done. Some of us tried to use our 50mm fixed focus lenses with the aperture wide open to get some practice with shallow depth of field. I did too, but noticed with my Canon at least, the 50mm F1.8 is very slow to focus in comparison to a USM motor in a better lens. Still, it’s all good practice. Thus the park probably had around 50000€ of photo equipment if you add everyone’s kit bags together. What we are going to do with all the photos is not yet clear. Watch this space. For the time being, I had a go at using CS4’s photomerge function. It does work but it’s not quite as “straight out of the box” as it looks. Those who hate panoramas please look away now…..

The Hague

The weather was better than predicted but nevertheless it was dull and rather cold. Still, I did promise to go into The Hague to let my wife practice with the Canon G10. It is a bit like trying to teach your wife to drive. One mention of “aperture priority” and I get the evil eye. Still between the clouds and the coffee and cake we both managed to snap a shot or two. Here’s my effort for the day.