Monthly Archives: October 2010


Spent some time last week for a photo shoot in our makeshift studio. I shot all photos using my second hand EF 70-200mm f2.8 L mk1 lens and had great fun doing so. I did have a little trouble with the 70mm sometimes being too close in the small amount of space available but all in all it is an excellent lens for such events. I think I prefer the close up shots of the model and this lens does the job with fast and accurate focusing due to its large aperture. Here are a couple of examples of our excellent model Cristina. Hope she has the time to pass by again for another session.

London scene

Here are a few of the more unusual shots I took from a recent trip to London and its environs. I only used the EF 16-35mm on all shots I took that week. It makes you think differently when you have such a focal length range.


Something I wanted to try for quite a while….. Smoke….

Well here are some of my efforts. I used an insence stick as my smoke source and my Metz flash at 1/16 power. I used my EF-100mm macro lens but in hind sight this was not the best choice as I didn’t give myself much room to step back and take a wider view with cropping afterwards. Trying to focus on a moving smoke column when you are close up with a macro is a nightmare. The flash was placed around 50cm from the smoke (at about 2 o’clock from the camara position) and used without a diffuser.