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Last Wednesday spent a couple of enjoyable hours trying to get some decent results from studio lighting. Veronica was our model and she did very well trying to interpret poor instructions. The setup consisted of two lights and a white background wall. The room was quite large but the ceiling low thus many secondary reflections which were out of my control (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

Here are some results:


Should have gone out yesterday when the sun was shining. Instead I delayed until today’s overcast and misty morning. The mist did leave lots of wet surfaces which was quite attractive but it was bl***y cold. A short bike ride away is a Volkstuin (allotment garden). It is very well maintained but sad looking in the winter. Still always something to take a photo of. Of course I didn’t want to instrude into the gardens so I was a little restricted staying to the paths. Maybe in the spring I’ll ask some of the owners if I can tramp around their few meters of paradise. So, here are the results so far……..

Bus ride

What do you do when it’s raining and you don’t want to get your camera wet?
Well you sit on the top of a London bus and take some photos out of a steamed up window….

Somme Estuary

Here are some photos from a recent stay over New Year in Le Crotoy, a small seaside resort (once fishing village) at the mouth of the river Somme, France. Pictures using my Canon 5D mk2. It is a place well worth visiting. The whole area is nice and quiet in the winter. I can’t vouch for the summer when I guess the Paris tourists and the British tourists flock to the beaches.