Monthly Archives: March 2010

The Hague

The weather was better than predicted but nevertheless it was dull and rather cold. Still, I did promise to go into The Hague to let my wife practice with the Canon G10. It is a bit like trying to teach your wife to drive. One mention of “aperture priority” and I get the evil eye. Still between the clouds and the coffee and cake we both managed to snap a shot or two. Here’s my effort for the day.


Yesterday attempted some stage photography using stage lighting and a high ISO setting.

Here’s the situation. I’m asked to take some photographs during a performance. I am stuck at the back of the hall along with other visitors who cannot get a seat. I decide that the best approach is to use my long-lens (Canon EF 70-300mm IS USM) on my Canon 5D and dial in a high ISO. I used 6400 as my ISO setting as this allowed sensible shutter speeds. As is typical, the stage lighting was up and down like a fiddler’s elbow. My camera and lens did a great job with auto focus.

At the interval, I noticed a guy with a Nikon camera the size of a small family car. I had a chat with him. He was using ISO 800 with a speedlight. His photos looked sharp so I went to get my own Metz flash. I had no success with it. I learned a good lession. Prepare your batteries, learn to use your equipment in the dark.

Nevertheless, on the whole I was happy with the camera performance. A tele-zoom with a bigger aperture would have been nice though. Of course, I will practice with the flash so that I can use it in the dark.