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London Views

These are some views of London that have been posted before but due to a slip of the finger I deleted the post. Thus just to annoy, here they are again.


Here are a few pictures taken this weekend during a brief stay in Lunteren, near Ede in The Netherlands. I used exclusively my Samyang 85mm f1.4 on my Canon 5d (full frame). This lens is really old-school. It is totally manual with no communication between lens and body at all. Hence, the focusing is done with a large, smooth focus ring. Trouble is, you have to get it right looking through the viewfinder and be quick about it if the subject is moving. Furthermore, at f1.4 (you have to try it to experience it….) you must be very accurate with the plane of focus or the picture will not be sharp where you want it to be. All in all an amazing lens for a very reasonable price.


Here are a few shots of the quite wonderful city of Lucca. Didn’t know quite what to expect and the weather wasn’t too kind but the city is quite a discovery and well worth the detour. Based around an ancient Roman amphitheater, the town gives some amazing opportunities for panorama photos. Here’s my attempt at one. Plus a few more shots for good measure.

Prague Panoramas

Here are a couple of hand-held panoramas I shot in Prague.

Some minor pre-preparation in Lightroom then sent to Photoshop for stitching. A little cloning at the edges.


Just back from a week visit to Prague. Nice, compact city with loads to see (and loads of tourists). Great photo opportunities even if you’re walking around as a snap-happy tourist. Anyway, this posting is a “work in progress” and I’ll upload bit by bit some of the shots I liked the most.

Bus ride

What do you do when it’s raining and you don’t want to get your camera wet?
Well you sit on the top of a London bus and take some photos out of a steamed up window….