Here are a few pictures from Spitzingsee taken a few weeks ago with my Fuji X-E1.





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CPC Run 2014

Here are a few pictures of the City – Pier – City (CPC) run held in The Hague on 9th March 2014













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Northern Italy

Some photos in northern Italy using a Fujifii X-E1














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Wassenaarse Slag

Photos on a cold day at the Wassenaarse Slag. Used a 10x variable filter to extend the exposure to around 30s on some of them. Noted that variable neural density filters are not so easy to use at their maximum absorption range. The cross-polarisers cause all sorts of banding problems depending on the focal length of the lens (wide angle gives the most problems). I think I’ll buy a “simple”10x neutral density as it is generally true that I use the high absorption range much more than the low ranges (most suitable for video I guess as it allows you to adjust the shutter speed to a more sensible value in bright conditions).

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London Views

These are some views of London that have been posted before but due to a slip of the finger I deleted the post. Thus just to annoy, here they are again.

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Northern Ireland Coastline

A short drive from Belfast and you are in and among some amazing coastal scenery. The coast roads are great and provide picture opportunities plenty.

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Belfast Titanic Museum

Just got back from a great weekend in Belfast. Had to visit the Titanic Museum and it was well worth it. The building structure is spectacular and great as a photographer’s subject. Here are a few of the pictures I took. I had to shoot without tripod as Easyjet are pretty stingy with luggage allowance so I only took my camera body and the 24-105mm lens.

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London 2012 Road Races

Pictures of the men’s and women’s cycle road races through Kingston. Congratulations to Kristin Armstrong (US) and Bradley Wiggins (GB) for their gold medals.

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London 2012 Women’s Road Race

With a weather system that flip-flopped between sunny/warm and rainy/cold I waited on a convenient bend in Kingston upon Thames to see the women’s road race whoosh by. As luck would have it the heavens opened and lightning flashed and I just had to expose my camera to the elements as the whole event is all over before you know it. Again I used my 70-200mm and was lucky enough to get shots of the lead group of Marianne Vos, Lizzi Armitstead and  Olga Zabelinskaya. As it happened they were in the same order as the final medals. Well done ladies……

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London 2012 men’s road race

Richmond Park was packed to watch the 2012 London Olympics men’s road race. 250km in around 5 hours and 40 minutes. Starting at The Mall by Buckingham Palace, the race travels via Hampton Court, Kingston and Richmond Park. After hanging around for 2 hours in the sun the group of riders were past in seconds which means fast reactions with the camera. I chose the 70-200mm so was limited to close shots as room was tight with the road barriers close to the riders. very enjoyable. Unfortunately, team GB failed to gain any medals but they did a fantastic job. Well done.

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